Oliver Holt


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Making a Classic 2-Seater Electric

My goal is to make a battery powered TR6 with similar performance characteristics to its original ICE drivetrain.

My current aim is to install a 10kWh battery pack with BMS and charging unit, a 130kW electric motor (PMSM preferably) and an apprpriate inverter and ECU.

Initally the idea to do the conversion came about from going to the Formula E testing at Donnington in Septemeber 2016. The drivetrain for Formula E, particularly the first season drive train made by MAT, would be ideal for an electric car conversion. Alternative ideas have included an ex-Formula Student Emrax motor and a buchered Nissan Leaf battery pack and maybe motor.

Triumph 2000 Saloon

I wanted a 4+ seater vehicle which would also be fun.

I purchased a 1972 Triumph 2000 Mk2 Saloon in Sapphire Blue as a practical 5 seater classic car. I am mostly interested in making it as origial as is still reasonable.

For the most part the bodywork, paint and interior (exlcuding the dashboard) were all in near pristine condition with the overdrive gearbox being solid but the engine struggling for performance, most likely due to poor carb tuning and bad valve clearances which the previous owner tried to change.

There are a few bits that need tidying up and sorting, including most of the wiring, but it is a perfectly usable and fun car.

Triumph 2000